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Sandy Sandra M. Chafouleas, Ph.D.
University of Connecticut Professor, School Psychology Research Scientist, CBER
Chris T. Chris Riley-Tillman, Ph.D.
University of Missouri
Associate Professor, School Psychology
"I was surprised at how easy it was to complete the Direct Behavior Rating forms. This information is really valuable in helping me understand what's happening in my classroom." Sue, Kindergarten teacher

What is Direct Behavior Rating (DBR)?
DBR involves rating of behavior following a specified observation period, and then sharing of that information to inform decisions. As an example, a teacher might use DBR to rate how well Johnny paid attention in math class. Then, that teacher might share that rating with Johnny and, as part of an intervention, link a consequence (e.g. sticker) to that rating. DBR tools have a long history of use as a component of a behavior support plan (e.g. self-management, behavior contract), as well as the method for collecting information about behavior change over time (e.g., monitoring effects of medication for ADHD). Other common terms for DBR tools have included home-school note, good behavior note, behavior report card, etc...

Why use Direct Behavior Rating?
DBR can facilitate communication among students, parents, and teachers because ratings can provide a simple, inexpensive, and flexible way to provide frequent feedback about behavior. DBR is also appealing given a connection between data collection and intervention ‑ DBR may serve both purposes! For example, DBR can be used to monitor behavior in response to an intervention while at the same time serving as an intervention tool to teach and reinforce expectations regarding behavior. Most importantly, DBR is also evidence-based!
  • DBR is flexible as it can be used across a range of assessment and intervention purposes
  • DBR is efficient as ratings are simple and quick to complete
  • DBR is repeatable for use in progress monitoring assessment
  • DBR is defensible given increasing evidence of technical adequacy for some DBR formats.


DBR Magnet
DBR offers a great potential link across assessment, communication, and intervention!
What does a DBR look like?

Click the Direct Behavior Rating below to view it larger.