News at Direct Behavior Ratings

Welcome to our new and updated site! In this section you can find news about DBR focused grants, research studies, and technology including:

  • Acknowledgements
    • Congratulations to Dr. Stephen P. Kilgus, recipient of the 2012 APA Division 16 Outstanding Dissertation Award! His dissertation, titled: Diagnostic accuracy of Direct Behavior Rating as a screener of elementary school students was adapted and accepted for publication in School Psychology Quarterly.
  • Upcoming Presentations
    • Welsh, M. E., Miller, F. G., Kooken, J. W., & Chafouleas, S. M. (2013, April). The kindergarten transition: Behavioral trajectories and school adjustment in the first year of school. Paper presentation at the annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association, San Francisco, CA.
  • Updated DBR Materials (Feb. 2011)
    • Here you can find a number of handouts, powerpoints, and DBR forms that have been recently updated.
      For example:
      • Check out DBR Overview for a general overview of DBR and its uses in assessment, intervention, and communication.
      • Download DBR Target Selection for guidelines on how to choose behavioral targets for your student(s)
      • Explore DBR Intervention Packages for instructions and materials to use DBR in intervention packages involving self-management and group-based incentives
  • Special Journal Issues
    • Learn more about DBR and school-based behavioral assessment through these special issues